ADE SoundLab Modular Market

15 – 17 october
12:00 – 19:00 | Free entrance
Compagnietheater | Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam

Falafular Synths

Falafular is the SDIY brand that enables Falafelbiels (Niels Kloet) to build himself a nice and big modular synthesizer. Niels was always a tinkerer and at 6 years old he even won first prize in a tinkering contest with a magnificent cardboard merry-go-round; aaaaah those were the days…Times have changed and the tinkering has gotten more serious. While SDIY seemed the way out of continually buying new modules for the growing and highly addictive eurorack, it turned out components and tools cost money as well, saving you just about nothing (maybe a little bit more). Fortunately the aim was never to get rich off this (get serious!), just to make a wonderful synthesizer. That seems to work out! Also there is something to be said about building stuff yourself, it feels good and you might even learn something.


Other companies that will feature at The Modular Market are:

Abstract Data, Erica Synths, Ginko Synthese, KOMA Elektronik, Moog, Roland

Free entrance


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