Corny Rhythm


How do you call this module?
Corny Rhythm

What does it do?

Corny Rhythm is a drum sequencer, inspired by the drumboxes of old. It plays preset trigger patterns which can be selected by the central data knob and by external control voltage.
At reception of a clock signal, it scans the data knob and the CV input to determine from which pattern it should play the note(s) that are present at that particular step. By feeding it varying CV it can keep playing new rhythms, based on the 8 preset patterns within a bank. These rhythms will always sound musical and have a certain flavour (depending on the musicality of the preset patterns of course).

The preset patterns are arranged in banks of eight and are not even that preset. The module is based on an Arduino Nano, so anybody with a bit of programming experience on this platform should be able to enter his/her own patterns into the Corny Rhythm (make sure they are corny!)
Tools are in the making to make this process quite doable for anyone.

Corny Rhythm has additional features such as a big fill button, autofill and random fill, random pattern (changes the order of the patterns within a bank).
A nice touch I wanted to include is the conga circuitry board (Tumbadora), which provides you with 3 analog conga sounds, based on the Roland CR8000 circuitry. These are triggered internally and a special conga bank is provided in the initial code. The idea is that it would at least give you some sound the moment you plug in the module. Of course the conga is the most corny sound in the CR8000 so it had to be this.

The first three banks in the Corny Rhythm are the rhythms from the CR8000, which are really, really corny…

This module is developed with the great help of the programming skills by Timo Rozendal.

How much does it cost?
PCB setĀ 30 euro (tumbadora included)
Perspex panel 10 euro

How do I build it?
You can download the BOM hereĀ BOM

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