Quad Patternizer


How do call this module?
Quad Patternizer

What does it do?
4 channel- 4 stage clock divider

How does it work?
The Patternizer takes an incoming clock and divides it by either/and 2, 4, 8 or 16. These divisions can be switched on and off manually, or by external signals. The pulsewidth of the output signal is equal to that of the input signal.  Also works as a four stage programmable sub-oscillator. The Quad Patternizer Deluxe has 4 channels of patternization and has these nice large pushbuttons that make it a nice to “play” sequencer module.

How much does it cost?
Per PCB set 55 euro Perspex Panel 15 euro

How do I build it?
You can download the BOM here BOM

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