The Accenturist


How do call this module?
The Accenturist

What does it do?
Because I have a bunch of little percussion modules that have no accent feature, I made a mixer for them that does, The Accenturist.
This is again an idea that came from looking at the CR8000 circuitry.

The Accenturist is a fairly straightforward 6 input, 1 output mixer that uses a VCA (that2181c because I had a bunch of these) and an internal little envelope circuit to accentuate notes.
It can take any old positive going trigger signal (thus far anyway, surprise me) to get the envelope going and it will give you a bump in your audio.
the amount of bump can be set with a little attenuverter and because it is an attenuverter, you can also make that bump a little dip. This dip isn’t always very audible on percussive notes though, on an oscillator it is good.

the input can also be switched from trigger in to CV in mode, in which case it will stick the input into a buffer, and ignore the envelope. In this mode, you can use any of your envelopes, envelope followers, LFOs or what have you to modulate the dynamics of your signal for all kinds of compression/ expansion effects. It is very nice I assure you.

It has “stupid eurorack power wrongful connection” protection as some people have asked for this and footprints for ptc fuses just to be on the even safer side. I bridged these because I don’t have those parts here.

There are trimmers on the back for setting the general level and the max accent level. Make sure you have some headroom on your mixer channel if you want dramatic dynamics effects.

How much does it cost?
PCB 10 euro Perspex panel 5 euro

How do I build it?
You can download the BOM here BOM

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