VATclap (Bitchclap)


How do call this module?
VATclap (Bitchclap)

What does it do?
This is a half clone of the Boss dr-110 handclap circuit. Some ICs are simply unavailable in SMT so I had to take some different approach to the noise generator. The ATmega is there to supply the noise, as well as the trigger sequence or “crackle”. The noise from the ATmega sounds much smoother than the original dr-110 noise, which is kind of loopy. Never mind that, it is the overall result that matters right?

The ATmega seems overkill, but it is the most obvious choice if you ask me.
I looked into ATtiny in SMT, but that would require In System Programming which not everyone can do easily, I know I don’t like it much this far as I haven’t had any good results yet.
An ATtiny with ISP header would take up about as much space on the PCB as an ATmega and an ATmega is much more doable for most so I decided to go with that.

Most of the action on the filter is over the 12 o’clock position. In my demo you hear 1n caps in the filter instead of the 1n2 that it asks for on the PCB.

The module does not hold too many components as you can see, pretty easy build.

How much does it cost?
PCB set 10 euro Perspex panel 5 euro

How do I build it?
You can download the BOM here BOM

Grab your arduino code here

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