Incubate DIY Synth Convention

From synths the size of a pocket-calculator to fully stacked Euroracks; modular synthesizers are quickly gaining popularity. More and more musicians are creating their own hardware nowadays, in a quest for more creativity and authenticity, and a unique live experience. This year Incubate will organise a Do It Yourself synth fair in the centre of Tilburg. A place where synth geeks from around the world show and demonstrate the fruits of their labor and teach you how to create your own. An instrument fair meets pop-up store where one can buy ├índ build the most original, creative modular synths. Next to the fair there will be workshops, presentations and a panel discussion. DIY Synth Convention is a celebration of the DIY synth phenomena. It allows festival-goers, artists and passers-by to experience the creativity, beauty and fun of DIY electronics. More than 20 small companies and individual synth-builders will partake in the fair, like: KOMA, DIRTY ELECTRONICS/MUTE SYNTH, 4MS, SNAZZY FX, BEFACO, ERROR INSTRUMENTS and many more! Thursday September 17th – Sunday September 20th 2015 Opening hours: 14:00 – 21:00h For all participants and workshops, please visit:
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